My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion


附中英歌词Every night in my dreams 在每夜的梦中, I see you, I feel you 我看到了你,我感受到了你 That is how I know you go on. 那是我如何知道你心依旧的原因 Far across the distance 穿越横跨你我之间遥远的距离 and spaces between us 你向我展示 You have come to show you go on. 你依旧未变的心 ★Near, far, wherever you are ★无论远近,无论你在何方 I believe that the heart does go on 我相信你的心不会改变 Once more, you opened the door 如果再次打开我的心房 And you're here in my heart, 你会看到你在那里 and my heart will go on and on.★ 我心永恒不移★ Love can touch us one time 我们一瞬间的爱与触摸 and last for a lifetime 那种感觉将延续一生 And never let go till we've gone. 直到我们合二为一 Love was when I loved you, 我爱你,在那重要时刻 one true time to hold on to 我紧紧握住了爱 In my life we'll always go on. 一生,我们也不会放开彼此 repeat“★--★” 重复“★--★” There is some love that will not go away我们的爱永远不会消失 You're here, there's nothing I fear 只要你在,我将无所畏惧 And I know that my heart will go on. 我知道我心永恒 We'll stay, forever this way 我们将相爱至天荒地老 You are safe in my heart 你安全地住在我心里 And my heart will go on and on 我心永恒不移